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By Gutta Clean, Jan 7 2021 06:56PM

Just to let you know, i will still be clearing and repairing gutters throughout the lockdown period.

Now all the leaveshave fallen, it's the best time to get your gutters cleared.

Don't leave it until it's too late! I have had a big increase in people having issues with damp in thier homes due to blocked gutters and downpipes, with watter running donw external walls.

Call today!

By Gutta Clean, Dec 8 2016 04:52PM

Almost all the deciduous trees have lost their leaves now. Any building downwind of one of these trees will now have a collection of leaves sitting in the gutters. These will continue to sit there, slowly rotting in the current mild conditions. This rotting mess will be ideal for germination of seeds spread by birds through droppings, come the spring, then the grass and weeds will start growing nicely!

Call for a clean TODAY, to eliminate this problem.

By Gutta Clean, Feb 25 2014 03:38PM

It has become quite apparent to me now that surveyors are increasingly listing blocked gutters as a problem / potential problem when surveying properties for prospective home owners.

The problems associated with blocked downpipes and overflowing guttering can be apparent inside the property. Damp is the main concern, but it's cause is often overlooked. Damage to external brickwork by overflowing water will exasperbate the problem.

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